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Would you like to learn how to roll, flip, twist, climb, swing and fly?

Then non competitive gymnastics and circus arts may be just the sport for you!

These are just some of the types of activities you will get to do at our club.

Did you know that what you learn in gymnastics and circus would help you in other sports?

Gymnastics and Circus is a great foundation for everybody because it develops many positive attributes including strength, flexibility, agility, co-ordination, speed, balance and rhythm.  Gymnastics and Circus also teaches you how to set goals and learn self-confidence, self-respect, expressiveness, determination, time management and courage.  But most importantly, it’s heaps of FUN!!!  To many people, the sport of gymnastics and circus may seem to be extremely difficult & very dangerous…. Something they could never do…however, gymnastics and circus is a sport for everyone.


At Kartwheel Kids Gymnastics Academy, our Mission strives to ensure that our program provides every member with a chance to succeed through development of long term life skills, such as confidence, perseverance, and a love of exercise and a sense of accomplishment in every endeavour.  It is also our Philosophy and belief that all members are treated with dignity and respect and make their concerns, our concerns.  It is our hope and goal those years after a member has moved from their gymnastics and circus experience, they will look back and see the lifelong benefits that their gymnastics and circus training gave them.


2013 saw the beginning of a new era for Kartwheel Kids and allowed us to reach one of our long term goals – after moving into a much larger free-standing facility, which will provide us with the opportunity to grow and expand our services for many years to come.


As either a current or a prospective member of Kartwheel Kids, we the Management, hope that our Club Handbook contains all the information you will ever need to know in order to be a valued part of our growing family.

Although maybe a bit daunting, we ask that you completely read this document from beginning to end, in order to familiarize yourself with our clubs expectations and standard requirements.  This is a legal requirement upon enrolment with our club.  The safety of your child is our number one concern and in our professional opinion we need all of these rules.

We hope you find this information to be informative and useful and in the event that you are unsure about anything – we recommend you contact the club immediately.

The complete satisfaction of you, our Members is extremely important and vital to our existence, as we the Kartwheel Kids Gymnastics Academy are a privately owned and operated business. 


We hope you will enjoy your time with us and form many fond memories and lasting friendships.


Happy Tumbling!


Rhonda Pacholke

Owner Coach



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